GIS Services

GIS Services

Russell Planning and Engineering provides Geographic Information Systems (GIS) services to support GIS design and implementation, comprehensive plan development, engineering support, and facilities management. With over 22 years of experience in corporate and consulting environments, RPE’s GIS Specialist has worked on projects ranging from municipal comprehensive planning to facilities management. RPE places emphasis on applying GIS to add value for operations efficiency, safety and compliance and has a special focus on integrity management and relevant data foundations.

GIS for Planning and Engineering

  • Data development and map generation to support planning cycle
  • Infrastructure planned installations and improvements
  • Ad hoc spatial analysis

GIS for Facilities Management

  • Facilities GIS design and implementation
  • Networking, connectivity and control
  • Design for operating efficiency, safety, and compliance

GIS Foundation

  • GIS design to add value
  • GIS database creation and implementation
  • GIS data generation and mining
  • GIS data cleansing