Three Springs Community

The Three Springs development required a consultant to design and permit a new subdivision which will include over 60 single family lots, community parks with recreation facilities and a mixed-use parcel. The project will be built in 3 Phases. As prime consultant, RPE managed a design team that included surveyors, landscape architects, lighting/electrical designers and structural engineers to create a cost efficient yet attractive, environmentally sensitive neighborhood development. The development sits east of Durango, CO in Grandview.

Cost saving measures included:

  • Balancing earthwork on the site to avoid hauling materials
  • Requesting variances from the City to limit paving and off-site utility construction
  • Drainage design that seeks to eliminate storm drains where possible
  • Designing attractive rain garden to meet City water quality requirements, and avoiding expensive detention facility.

Russell served as the prime civil consultant and provided the following services:

  • Overall project management of City approval process and subconsultants
  • Grading and drainage design
  • Utility design
  • Drainage study
  • Design of porous landscape detention basins within parking area to improve water quality and add LEED certification points to project
  • Coordination with sub-consultants including geotechnical, landscape architect and surveyors
  • Coordination with architect on building design
  • Detailed cost estimating and bid process management
  • Construction contract management